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An Eye to the Horizon

In 2015, our PVPUSD Board of Education developed eight District Goals to guide our work and establish priorities. The goals are concise, meaningful, and designed to focus our work on things that matter most to preserving the best aspects of our District and pushing us to find the next right answers.

As the Superintendent of Schools, I would like to briefly outline some of the initiatives that will receive our focused attention this year. Consistency of our academic program is essential to support our students in rigorous and relevant work. Students and families will see this commitment in many ways, including a District-wide focus on mathematics. This effort includes over a $1 million dollar investment in new K-8 mathematics textbooks and professional development for all teachers. Our students will receive some of the most challenging and robust instruction in mathematics found in the South Bay and across the entire nation. All schools will utilize the same core materials and our teachers are receiving consistent training. This will allow our teachers to better communicate and share best practices, while our students will be asked to demonstrate mastery of complex work in a variety of ways. We are confident that this bold step will positively benefit our students and make them more competitive entering college and eventual careers.

We are mindful that online education has become popular and that students appreciate the ability to earn credit in ways that provide flexibility in schedules and opportunities to explore areas of interest. Our Board of Education has expressed a desire to explore the creation of online and blended learning opportunities for our students. We believe strongly that we will be in a better position to ensure quality control of content and instruction if we are in control of the courses. We plan to invest time and energy in the area of online education to have courses in place by the 2016-2017 school year. We believe that careful and thoughtful planning will help us to serve as a model in the region.

Instructional technology was once a luxury. It is now one measure of all great districts. We plan to invest heavily in technology infrastructure to create a system capable of handing the tools of the future. We still believe that technology is a tool to supplement instruction and that our teachers are the most important key to success for our students. We are also aware that nearly all publishers include online resources for our students, including video tutorials, additional practice, and tools to help students communicate with each other.

We are making an effort to address facility needs at our campuses to create safe and engaging environments for our students. One of our top priorities is to repair and replace aging playground areas. The California drought has also provided us an opportunity to examine our water usage. Ultimately, this crisis may help us to use our resources more efficiently and teach our students about conservation.

Our Board of Education has directed our staff to intentionally invest in the social and emotional well-being of all students. This is an area that has gained the support of our Peninsula Education Foundation and will bring about the advent of our new Parent University. We will dedicate resources to educating students and their parents about important issues that directly affect positive attributes such as kindness, digital citizenship, and honesty.

Finally, we are fully committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement. This includes looking at every aspect of our organization to determine our areas of growth opportunities. This is often overlooked by districts that have such deep traditions of excellence. While it would be easy for PVPUSD to simply rest, our Board of Education has identified the importance of stretching to improve. Our dedicated staff is up to the challenge and is fully committed to helping all of our students reach their full potential.

District Goals

Goal #1: Create a culture of improvement through purposeful innovation and adherence to best practices.  Implement efficient and consistent professional development for all employees utilizing traditional and creative methods.

Goal #2: Maximize the potential of all students by recognizing their individual strengths and talents. Create an academic program for students to best prepare for post-secondary education and careers.

Goal #3: Systematically assess the strength of our programs using internal and external measurements.
Goal #4: Promote safe, healthy and effective environments for students, emphasizing social and emotional well-being, kindness, digital citizenship, and honesty.

Goal #5: Utilize multi-year financial plans to guide and influence decisions.

Goal #6: Enhance communication and collaboration between and among District staff, students, parents, Board of Education and community.

Goal #7: Produce fiscally responsible long term strategic plans to enhance facilities, technology, and support services.

Goal #8: Attract and retain students and families to the District.