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That Special Feeling
My wife and I love America’s Got Talent.  It’s a show that is only fun if you expect and want something special to come out of every contestant.  As each person or group comes to the stage, we sit in our home hoping for the magic moments that can instantly bring tears to our eyes, put smiles on our faces, or make us laugh out loud.  If you have never seen the show, you may want to enjoy a few minutes to view one of our personal favorite clips at America's Got Talent.
Our schools are a bit like America’s Got Talent.  Every day of the year, we have the potential to be the cheering audience for someone else.  We can cheer for talent, effort, courage, or even just because we feel like cheering! 
Everyone remembers a time when it felt like you were the one standing on the stage alone about to be judged.  As a community, we need to see ourselves on that stage every time before we judge too harshly.  Not everybody gets the Golden Ticket for each performance, but we can certainly go into every situation with a sincere desire to leap to our feet with applause for our kids.
On behalf of PVPUSD, we hope your kids experienced some of those magic moments and will gain an appreciation of creating those special moments for others.  Our staff and students can embrace the idea that it takes very little to make someone else feel like they have just been discovered on America’s Got Talent!
Don Austin, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
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