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FAQs: Hybrid Learning Model

Safety Protocols
What safety protocols will be in place on campus? Example: Social distancing, PPE, cleaning, hand washing/sanitizing stations, etc. Who is in charge of cleaning? Will there be enough time at elementary level between groups? 
Who takes the student/staff temperatures? Is this done at home or at school?
Pre-screen at home; Discussion continues about feasibility at school site upon arrival.
Will students have a mask break during the day? Is there a snack break for K-5 students?
During break (K-5), we are discussing mask break if eating or drinking. Social distancing must be maintained at all times.
Will health screenings and temp checks take place before entering campus, or will they be taken before entering a classroom? Who will administer those?
Screening is conducted before students, visitors and staff may enter the school. These checks can be done remotely. A temperature check with a no-touch thermometer is still being studied.
How will the rules (mask, social distance, etc.) be monitored and enforced? What action will be taken for students/families that do not follow the regulations?
Masks are required for students, visitors and staff.
What air filtration systems are in place? Have all of the schools in the district's HVAC systems been checked and have they been upgraded if needed? Examples include: adding filtration systems, replacing fixed-speed fan motors with variable-speed ones to enhance the control of airflow and allow for a minimum setting that produces lower speed airflow, and introducing sophisticated airflow-control systems, such as those that are sensitive to pressure, to allow for smoother adjustment of airflows Can you provide documentation that all schools have been checked and provide your assurance that these systems are safe for faculty, staff and our students?
Staff is almost complete with an assessment of all our HVAC systems and completing routine summer maintenance, of which includes changing the filters. We are following the LACDPH protocols to promote optimal ventilation.
Will classrooms be outdoors at all? Have you considered getting shade tents in order to have more classroom groups outside vs. inside?
All options are being explored.
What prompts a school closure?
What will be the maximum capacity of each classroom once schools are allowed to safely reopen? Is it based on LA County guidelines? What will happen if there are too many students who sign up for the Hybrid model? Will all of them be able to be accommodated?
Site blueprints have been reviewed to determine the maximum number of students allowed, in compliance with 6' social distancing delineated in the LACDPH protocol.
What cleaning chemicals will be used?
Cleaning products that are effective against COVID-19 are used according to product instructions. These are listed on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved list “N".
Will Plexiglass cubicles be for all in person students? Where will plexiglass be installed?
Not a requirement in the protocol. Student desks will be 6' apart.
Have you hired additional staff to help clean our schools or are you relying on current staff who already have a difficult time keeping up with all the maintenance at each school? Are you asking our teachers to clean in between classes? Don't you think it's a lot to ask of our wonderful teachers to have to clean their classes daily (if not more)?
Employees and staff who work in a school facility in any capacity associated with teaching, coaching, student support, provision of therapies or personal assistance to individual students, facility cleaning or maintenance, administration, or any other activity required for the school to function will assist in this endeavor. Additional staff have been added to supplement site cleaning and sanitizing to meet the LACDPH protocol.
Will the playgrounds be open and who will monitor for social distancing and cleaning?
We have the capacity to sanitize the playground. Logistics for social distancing and feasibility is still being discussed.
Can you please provide more details regarding the drop-off/check-in process? How is this logistically going to work?
Staff is discussing staffing and implementation of measures that make it easier for parents to drive students to school, such as availability of early opening with staff presence, expanded short-term parking at schools, and presence of staff at drop-off areas to assure safe movement of students from drop-off to school entry.
Are the hybrid students allowed to wear disposable gloves during class and dispose and replace them as student see fit?
Yes, if desired by the family. Students are encouraged to frequently wash hands, including before and after eating, after toileting, after outdoor play, and before and after any activity. Portable hand washing stations are being placed near classrooms to minimize movement and congregations in bathrooms to the extent practicable, understanding not all classrooms have sinks.
What occupational health criteria will be utilized to return teachers who test positive for SARS-CoV2 to return to work? Viral shedding may persist for some time despite negative test result(s). Is there a backup plan to ensure an adequate number of available teachers for in person classroom teaching?
Reference the LACDPH Protocols.
Will students have lockers at school?
Lockers will not be utilized.
Will students have individual desks or will they be shared? Particularly concerned at the elementary level and cleaning between cohorts in the 45 min window.
Individual desks will be used. Cleaning between cohorts will occur with the support of employees and staff.
Will parents be notified when there are positive cases either in their child’s class, at their school or within the district?
Please reference Appendix A: Steps for Managing Exposures to 1, 2, and 3+ cases at school. This can be found on page(s) 4 & 5 of the LACDPH Protocol for COVID-10 Exposure Management Plan in K-12 Schools.
Response When COVID-19 Cases are on Campus
In an instance a COVID case happens at one of the classes attended by my student (for the hybrid in-person class), would the siblings also have to stay home and quarantine?
Please reference Appendix A: Steps for Managing Exposures to 1, 2, and 3+ cases at school. This can be found on page(s) 4 & 5 of the LACDPH Protocol for COVID-19 Exposure Management Plan in K-12 Schools.
If there is a positive Covid-19 case(s) at the elementary school grades, would that cohort have to go to distance learning? What are the chances of the schools going through a cycle of opening and closing throughout this school year?
Please reference Appendix A: Steps for Managing Exposures to 1, 2, and 3+ cases at school. This can be found on page(s) 4 & 5 of the LACDPH Protocol for COVID-10 Exposure Management Plan in K-12 Schools. The chances of the school going through a cycle for opening and closing is unknown.
In regard to contact tracing and enforcement. Does the school have access of the people who tested positive in Palos Verdes? We have a few number of cases in PV. I don't think residents really have any idea where they live? Or if these people have any affiliation with the school district ( a student or an employee). Does the city work with the school to ensure this important information is being shared? Or this is based off self- report? If a member of a family with a child attending or an employee working in the district tested positive, how can we be sure that everyone in the family stay in quarantine? Is this based on self-report? Is there any law enforcement on quarantine? My fear is many people are not doing what they're suppose to, much like not wearing a mask or not social distancing in public. I don't even know how teachers can keep students socially distancing from each other when kids naturally will be touching each other if adults are not around.
Please reference Appendix A: Steps for Managing Exposures to 1, 2, and 3+ cases at school. This can be found on page(s) 4 & 5 of the LACDPH Protocol for COVID-10 Exposure Management Plan in K-12 Schools. The School Compliance Task Force is required to follow this protocol. The School Compliance Officer is required to provide DPH with the names and contact information of the case and identified contacts within 1 business day of notification of a confirmed case. A School Exposure Notification letter template is provided to us. You can view it online.
Cohort Groups
Can we choose which cohort we are placed in (A or B)? How are they decided? There are work concerns.

Students will be assigned to a Cohort A or B.


My children have been in quarantine with a small group of friends and would like to be in the same group/cohort for the hybrid learning model so they are able to shelter/stay together.  Is there a process to request this?
We cannot guarantee any groups together.  
How much notification will be given before switching to hybrid program when it is allowed?
We are anticipating two (2) weeks.
Do students move from class to class at school or do teachers move to different classrooms?
Students move.
Will there still be two cohorts in elementary during the remote learning at the beginning of the year? 
Yes, we are starting with cohorts that will remain in place if/when we return to campus.
What will TK - 5 Hybrid Schedule look like while starting with only distance learning?
Same as hybrid.
Questions about 6-12 Hybrid Schedule:
1)  At the beginning of the school year while the hybrid model is 100% remote, will students still be split into Groups A and B, and only have synchronous instruction during their designated time?  Or since they are all learning remotely, can both groups have 100% synchronous instruction together, allowing for maximum time with their teachers?
2) Can you provide more detail about what asynchronous learning will entail?  Will it be instruction, such as lessons or videos prepared by their teacher, or will this be time for classwork?  If it is independent classwork time, I am concerned about the loss of instructional time and learning, particularly for honors and AP courses.
1) At the beginning of the year, there will not be groups, students will have 100% synchronous instruction together each day according to the schedule; once students transition back to school on the hybrid model, they will be split into groups.                                     
2)  It may be watching a lesson or video as a pre-teach or a reteach or homework/independent learning
What does a typical hybrid day look like, especially for younger children, including TK? What type of social interactions will they be allowed to have? What will breaks and recesses look like?
Please see the sample on the Town Hall presentation.
Will there be a snack break?
There will be short break--please see schedule.
Will attendance be taken?
From the hybrid schedule, it looks like they only have class until 11:05, except on Wednesdays. Is it just self-study after that or is school effectively over for the day?
Yes, asynchronous work in the afternoon

Waiver Questions
If a family selects the hybrid option for their elementary student, and the superintendent applies for the elementary school waiver and that waiver is subsequently approved, will the district give the elementary school families who chose the hybrid path a chance to opt out or switch their choice to enroll in the Distance Learning Academy? If so, would this be true even if the school year has started and the student would be switching mid-term, from hybrid to DLA?
Any changes will be made on space available.

Curriculum Questions
Will Hybrid students have access to all PLP videos/learning materials? Also, APEX/UC Scout?
Yes, students will have access to the online curriculum as it is assigned by their teacher.