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Elementary Science

Welcome to Elementary Science!
This year, grades 3-5 will begin the shift to the Next Generation Science Standards. On this page, you will find instructional resources to aid you in this transition. 
Instructional Resources
This year, we are doing an informal materials review of both Amplify and STEMscopes. 
To access Amplify, go to and login using your email address and password. 
To access STEMscopes, click the link above and use the login credentials that were sent to your email. Alternatively, you can login to the Portal and press the STEMscopes tile. However, you'll have to login to STEMscopes again with the login information you received from STEMscopes.
Additional Resources
We still have access to this great resource this year!
Wonderful inquiry lessons designed to be done with easily accessible, cheap household materials. 



The Basics

  • What are the NGSS? The video below gives a brief, user-friendly explanation of the new standards.
  • Structure of the NGSS
  1. Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs)
  2. Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs)
  3. Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs)
About Me
I'm Chelsea Poma, and I'm the Instructional Coach for NGSS. I will be assisting teachers in grades 3-12 with the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards as they roll out. Please contact me at with any questions!