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Elementary - Distance Learning Resources

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Remote Learning Technology
* Logging on as a student for the first time (Microsoft video tutorial)
* Working with Classes and Classmates (Video Tutorial for students)
MICROSOFT FORMS - Forms Quick Guide - Click here to watch the recording of the March 26 Training - Must be a PVPUSD member to watch - should ask you  to sign in with your account.
FLIPGRID - Integrates into MS Teams - Teacher User Guide pdf - link to some online introduction/trainings for students and teachers.
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EDLIO - Recording of the March 26 Training - Must be a PVPUSD member to watch - should ask you  to sign in with your account.
Edlio Video Webinars - Edlio Help Center
ZOOM: A great way for you to help students "face-to-face" if you need to is Zoom. They are providing free access to all teachers. You can hold whole group videoconferencing, small group, or just one-on-one help for those who really need it. In addition, you can screen cast to help deliver instruction, showing your screen (Wonders, ThinkCentral, Word, Powerpoint, websites, whiteboard work, etc.) while you voice over instruction (can be video or voice only along with the sharing of the screen).
Zoom Task Cards - Task Cards for teachers that goes over creating an account, meeting settings, starting a meeting, and Zoom features.
How to get on Zoom on a District Chromebook - directions with screen shots
ZOOM FOR BEGINNERS - Powerpoint from Zoom Meeting held on 3/24, 3/25, 3/26. Click here to watch the recording of the training. Must be 
ZOOM TIPS AND TRICKS - PowerPoint from Zoom Meeting held on 3/34 and 3/26. Click here to watch the recording of the training.
Must be a PVPUSD member to watch - should ask you to sign in with your account.
Enabling BREAKOUT GROUPS - Zoom Help Page - Whiteboard app where you can record lessons for your students - offering Free Pro upgrade for those who don't currently have it through May 1, 2020.
Genius Scan App - with no copier to scan sheets for students, you can use your phone or iPad
It scans pages and turns them into PDFs, great for those pages you don't have online already.

PBIS Incentives for Distance Learning (e-incentives) - Definitely some usable ideas on here for elementary!
All Content Areas
PVLD - See attached flyer for how students can access library resources (includes Britannica School, homework help, encyclopedias, and many other online resources) using their student id at the end of the provided code.
Scholastic is offering free access: This free resource provides all students with 20* days’ worth of exciting learning journeys that span the content areas created by our editors to keep your students actively engaged in learning while school is closed. Your students will have access to approximately three hours of meaningful learning opportunities per day, including projects based on exciting articles and stories, virtual field trips, reading and geography challenges, and so much more.
BrainPopFree Access for those of you who might not have it.
Kahoot: Create a Kahoot they can access from home. FUN!!! - Starter guide to distance learning with Kahoot!
Kahoot 101 Zoom Training 
Valaree Ingrassia shared a list of 75 links you might find valuable at this time. Thanks, Valaree!!!
Some were already shared with you, but if your looking:
i-Ready: we would also like to provide PVPUSD Online Instruction for any schools that are not currently accessing our online instruction. 
...that means all of your students have access to this now. They have already turned on online instruction for all students who have already taken the diagnostic.
You can also assign instruction for your class. Example: if you are a 2nd grade teacher working on time, find the lessons on time and assign them to your class. Attached is directions for how to do this - PDF pg. 84 (Book pg. 80)
There are also printable packets that you can send to your students in both Reading and Math.

A few other fun things from i-Ready:

Handwriting Heroes - free app right now
Razz Kids: Free Access for the rest of the year
* Scattergories - online - can be projected on the screen for the whole class to play. CLICK ON ADD A CATEGORY AND THEN CHOOSE MAKE CHILD FRIENDLY BEFORE YOU GET STARTED.
IXL - IXL has opened up their video professional development for all teachers with a log in. Check it out!
Number Line Remote Teaching Tool - show your class a number line (decimals, whole numbers, fractions) while teaching online.
Online Money Manipulatives - great for both student and teacher use - good tool to use for screen capture videos or online live teaching
Online Tools for Base Ten Manipulative Blocks- great to use during online instruction
Mystery Science - no log in - short lessons requiring no/few resources:

NGSS Science Curriculum – your students all have access through the portal. You can assign to your students through your account. From STEMScopes: Home Learning Resources and Online Access/Help Resources

Teachers can also register for a webinar on how to support your students at home.
TwigScienceTools free access to supplemental science programs. They feature curriculum-aligned videos that are packed with supporting lesson materials; perfect for independent study and easy to use for parents and educators alike.
Social Studies
5th grade teachers: Liberty Kids Viewer guide
Goes with these cartoons that walk kids through the major events of the Revolutionary War - 
Science and/or Social Studies "LaunchPacks" for K-12
Studies Weekly: Free 30-day trial (Readers...mostly Social Studies)
Lisa Johnson also posted a cute art activity to do each day from home. It started Monday, March 16, but they can go back and see the previous ones if they want. You could actually copy and paste the link for each day into your plans for kids if you want...Lunch Doodles (live at 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern) with Mo Willems.