Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

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Superintendent's State of the District Report

May, 2021

Dear Board of Education and PVPUSD Community,

The COVID pandemic has created a massive societal storm that has enveloped all
aspects of our world, including education. As such, it is impossible to fully account
for the damage of a storm until it has subsided. In the field of education and
particularly in the case of the students of PVPUSD, the extent of learning loss,
mental health challenges, and typical learning behaviors will forever be impacted
by this pandemic. While many students have thrived in this remote learning
environment, we must account for and serve those students that have and
continue to be negatively impacted by the past year. For many students and
families, the value of in-person school has been magnified through this pandemic.
Beyond in-person instruction, the societal benefits of in-person teaching, learning
and engagement cannot be understated. To put it simply, most kids greatly
benefit from going to school in ways that are both measurable and immeasurable