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Measure PV

Measure PV is a local $389,385,000 million General Obligation (G.O.) bond that will be on the March 3, 2020 ballot for the voters within the boundaries of PVPUSD. The funds for Measure PV will repair and modernize school facilities. It is for all schools within PVPUSD. All Measure PV funds will remain within the district.

What is a general obligation (G.O.) bond?
G.O. bonds fund projects such as the renovation of existing classrooms and school facilities, as well as construction of new schools and classrooms. Similar to a home loan, G.O. bonds are typically repaid over 30 years. The loan repayment comes from a tax on all taxable property, both residential and commercial, located within the District's boundaries.
Who is eligible to vote on MEASURE PV?
​All voters registered within the PVPUSD boundaries will be eligible to cast a ballot on Measure PV. The last day to register to vote for the March 3rd, 2020 election is February 18, 2020. The last day to request an absentee ballot is February 25th, 2020. Measure PV must get 55% in favor to be approved.

What will MEASURE PV cost?
​Measure PV will cost $38 per $100K of assessed value (assessed value is often lower than your property's current market value). The Bond will be collected over thirty years.

What facility items does the regular school district budget pay for?
​Routine repairs and maintenance on PVPUSD campuses are paid out of the general fund. 
What financial safeguards are in place to ensure that Bond revenues are used for what voters approved?
​By law, a local independent citizens oversight committee will review and audit all spending to ensure money is spent the ways voters approved it.

Status of PVPUSD Facilities
The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) began its work this past Spring to update the costs of the 2017 Facilities Master Plan and to prioritize facilities projects related to safety, security and modernization.   The FAC presented its report  to the Board of Education October 10, 2019, and included with that report updated costing information from Cumming USA (view report).  The Board of Education further considered the FAC information at its meeting on October 24, 2019 resulting in a final list of prioritized projects.
Learn more about PVPUSD current facilities issues as well as the history of modernization efforts by clicking here.

If the bond is passed, when will construction begin and how long will the work take to complete?
Some projects could begin right away, others would require approval from various offices and could take longer.
What's the difference between Measure PV and the state wide construction bond, Prop 13?
​Our school district already receives a below-average portion of state funding putting pressure on our budget, and this new statewide measure isn’t going to help. Because of the way money is allocated, we can expect to get very little.  That’s why we need our own local bond measure, which will guarantee that one hundred percent of the funds raised go directly to our schools, ensuring complete local control of how the money is spent.