Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

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District Goals

Goal #1:

Create a culture of improvement through purposeful innovation and adherence to best practices.  Implement efficient and consistent professional development for all employees utilizing traditional and creative methods.

Goal #2:
Maximize the potential of all students by recognizing their individual strengths and talents. Create an academic program for students to best prepare for post-secondary education and careers.

Goal #3:
Systematically assess the strength of our programs using internal and external measurements.

Goal #4: 
Promote safe, healthy and affective environments for students, emphasizing social and emotional well-being, kindness, honesty, digital citizenship, a connection to the natural world and environmental stewardship through sustainable initiatives.

Goal #5: 
Utilize multi-year financial plans to guide and influence decisions.

Goal #6: 
Enhance communication and collaboration between and among District staff, students, parents, Board of Education and community.

Goal #7: 
Produce fiscally responsible long term strategic plans to enhance facilities, technology, and support services.

Goal #8: 
Attract and retain students and families to the District. 

Goal #9:
Develop a climate of care, equity, diversity, and inclusion for students and staff.