Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

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Proposed Bond Measure

At the December 13th Board of Education meeting, the Board gave direction to explore the feasibility of a bond measure.  The district is approaching a critical point where facility infrastructure is failing, leading to unprecedented challenges over the past three years. Safety concerns are dire, despite repeated maintenance, with issues such as seismic risks, sewer problems, gas leaks, and limited electrical capacity requiring replacement wiring.  The district has an existing contract with Isom Advisors, an educational financial advisor company that works with many districts in California. John Isom presented financial information to the board relevant to exploring the possibility of a bond (presentation and video clip found below).  To gauge taxpayer interest, Isom Advisors will conduct a phone survey or poll to obtain qualitative and quantitative data on preferred projects and priorities, which would allow the board to align proposed facility work with community expectations before considering a potential bond proposal and assess community support for a potential bond.