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PVPUSD Social Media Rules of Engagement

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District uses its social media presence to engage with the community, share celebratory news and photos, and inform the community of upcoming events within its buildings, departments, and activities.


Please note that we are unable to monitor PVPUSD social media accounts 24/7, including comments that may be posted by members of our district community. If you are a student in crisis, please call or text 988, dial 911, or make use of these resources.


To ensure positive and respectful dialogue, those engaging with PVPUSD social media channels must abide by the guidelines and expectations listed below and in Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1114.  These Social Media Rules of Engagement guidelines were developed by the PVPUSD administration pursuant to delegated responsibility, as established by the Board of Education in Policy 1114.


PVPUSD’s creation and use of its social media platforms is not intended to create a limited public forum.


Comments and interactions on PVPUSD’s social media platforms must:

    • Be appropriate for an educational environment and people of all ages.
    • Be factual and accurate.
    • Originate from a verifiable account.


PVPUSD reserves the right to remove any content and language that is deemed hateful, discriminatory, offensive, violent, and/or contains personal attacks, threats, abuse, and/or harassment or that is inconsistent with the purposes of and standards and guidelines for PVPUSD’s social media platforms.


Complaints, Issues, and Solicitation

    • Social media platforms are not intended to circumvent regular communication channels for sharing personal issues and concerns. Personal issues with the district, a school, or a staff member should be directed through the proper channels. Comments on PVPUSD social media platforms regarding personal issues violate the guidelines and the purposes for which the PVPUSD maintains its social media platforms and may be subject to removal.
    • Solicitation of any kind is prohibited on PVPUSD’s social media platforms.
    • PVPUSD does not endorse links to external sites shared within the comments on its social media platforms. The site sponsor must grant permission to use any copyrighted materials found on external sites.


Comments that violate the PVPUSD Social Media Rules of Engagement may be removed.

PVPUSD retains the right to determine the content of all its social media pages and accounts and may, at any time, remove content deemed inappropriate for an educational institution and its audiences and/or for the PVPUSD’s purposes in establishing and maintaining is social media platforms.

Cornerstone: twitter @Mrs_Morreale
Lunada Bay:   twitter @LbPrincipal
Mira Catalina: twitter @MiraCatalina4
Montemalaga: twitter @CurtisChin_PV  |  instagram @montemalagaelementary
Rancho Vista: twitter @DrSKuykendall
Silver Spur: twitter @SS_Broncos
Soleado: twitter @SoleadoSunsPV
Vista Grande: twitter @PrincipalVg
Miraleste: twitter @MISStrong3
PVIS:  twitter @PVIS_Seakings  |  twitter @Principal_PVIS
Ridgecrest: twitter @RIS_Raiders  |  twitter @ris_asb  |  instagram @ris_asb
High Schools
PVHS Principal:  twitter @TRamirez_PVP
PVHS School-wide info: twitter @PVHS_Seakings  |  instagram @pvhs_seakings
PVHS ASB: twitter @PVasb  |  instagram @PVasb
PVHS Career Center:
PVHS Athletics: twitter @GoSeaKings
PVPHS Principal:  twitter @PVPHS_Principal
PVPHS School-wide info: twitter @PVPHS_Panthers  |  instagram @pvphs
twitter @pvphsasb
PVPHS Athletics:  twitter @PVPHS_Athletics
PVPHS College and Career Center:
twitter @PVPHS_CCC
RDM and PVDLA Principal:  twitter @RDMandPVDLA