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Non-Paid Volunteer Guidelines 2022-2023

Volunteer Guidelines and Instructions 

Updated: December 13, 2022 

Due to the State of California Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprinting Live Scan process taking significantly longer at this time of year, the district is extending the deadline for volunteer clearance.  Proof of Live Scan submittal will be all that is necessary to volunteer for our schools during the month of December 2022. We appreciate that you have completed all the volunteer steps with DOJ reports pending delivery to PVPUSD.  


Updated: September 30, 2022

The deadline for Live Scan completion has been extended to December 1, 2022. However, if you plan to go on an overnight field trip (Category C) prior to December 1, 2022, the necessary requirements, including the Live Scan, must be submitted 10 working days prior to the trip.


Per Board Policy Administrative Regulation 1240: Volunteer Assistance, the District is committed to maintaining policies and procedures that create a safe environment for our students. TB screening and criminal background checks are strategies used to ensure our students are safe.


We have been very fortunate over the years to have had so many amazing volunteers willing to give their time and talents to our schools and our students. Most of the schools' events, activities, and programs are made possible because of these volunteers' willingness to help. We strongly encourage parents to come to school and help in the education of their children. You can help in many different ways: 


  • Volunteer in the classroom, library, garden or support areas
  • Volunteer to tutor students
  • Serve as a room parent
  • Volunteer during special events
How do I volunteer?
Step 1: How can I become a school volunteer?
PVPUSD Parent/Guardian Volunteers 
Parent/Guardian requests to become a volunteer at the school site. 
School site to provide a Request for Live Scan Service Application with the ORI number and mail code. 
Parent/Guardian to follow steps 1-7A listed below. 
Upon receiving the results of the Live Scan, Human Resources will report clearance status to the Principal and Office Manager.


NON-PVPUSD Parent/Guardian/Former Employee Volunteers 
Non-PVPUSD parent/guardian/former employee requests to become a volunteer at the school site. 
School site to provide a Request for Live Scan Service Application with the ORI number and mail code along with the Non-PVPUSD Volunteer application.  
Non-PVPUSD volunteer to follow steps 1-6 and step 7B using the Non-PVPUSD Volunteer application.
Non-PVPUSD volunteer to provide completed application and attachments to school site designee 
Upon receiving the results of the Live Scan, Human Resources will report clearance status to the Principal and Office Manager.
PVPUSD Employee Volunteers 
PVPUSD employee requests to become a volunteer at the school site. 
School site to provide name of volunteer along with school site name to Human Resources (Email: Rick Licciardello and Kelli Keller). 
Human Resources will report clearance status to Principal and Office Manager.
Step 2: Determine which volunteer category best describes the volunteer work you will do


Category A - Special Events (Site Specific Events)

Category A volunteers are people who might do volunteer work on site but have very little exposure to students or people who volunteer for a specific event, such as a Fun-Run or school festival. These volunteers will have little to no direct contact with students and are never unsupervised in their interactions with students. Category A volunteers will also have to provide identification when arriving at a school site. The identification will be run through our school safety software, Raptor.


Category B- Day Field Trips, Parent Led Art Classes, Reading Groups, Tutoring, etc. 

(livescan requirement suspended at this time)

Category B volunteers are people such as room parents, volunteers who work with children in the classroom (reading groups, tutoring, Art at Your Fingertips etc.) and parents who plan to accompany children on field trips. While these volunteers still will not have unsupervised contact with children, their exposure to students is more extensive than Category A.


Category C- Overnight Travel and Special Event Drivers (Parents/Guardians using personal vehicles) 

Category C volunteers are people that will be supervising overnight travel and/or using personal vehicles to drive students to special events. These volunteers may have unsupervised contact with children, their exposure to students is more extensive than Category A. 


All volunteers (Categories A-B-C) must provide the documentation listed under Steps 3-5:


Step 3:  Valid Form of Identification 

You are required to provide a copy of a valid Driver’s License, Identification Card and/or Passport.


Step 4:  TB Risk Assessment

A TB Risk Assessment is required prior to volunteering. Provide a copy of your Certificate of Completion Tuberculosis Risk Assessment with your application. If applicable, TB results must show date given, date read, results and name of medical facility. TB test assessment/results are good for four years and although you are required to fill out an application annually, you do not need to be retested if your TB assessment/test is current.


California School Employee Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Questionnaire for pre-K, K-12 schools and community college employees, volunteers and contractors) (


Step 5:  California Megan's Law Database Check

Complete a California Sex Offender name search using your full legal name. To complete your search, click on the California Megan's Law link: ,take a screenshot of the search and submit it with your application.


In addition to the above documentation, Category B & C volunteers must complete Steps 6 & 7.


Step 6:  Complete a Live Scan Background Check

Complete a background check using Live Scan. Please contact you school site for an application.


Where can I get a Live Scan Background Check?

Below, please find district recommended locations.


A Fingerprints
21720 S. Vermont Avenue, Suite 109
Torrance, California 90502
(310) 328-8818
All Safe & Secure Live Scan Fingerprint & Notary
4172 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 103
Torrance, California 90505
(310) 373-3202 
Core Fingerprint & Live Scan
3820 Del Amo Boulevard, Suite 342
Torrance, California 90503
(310) 921-8020
Fingerprints and Live Scan
1724 Palos Verdes Drive North, Suite F
Harbor City, California 90710
(424) 200-5484
Global Digit Solutions LLC
2049 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 219
Lomita, California 90717
(424) 328-5127


For additional State of California Department of Justice (DOJ) approved facilities, use this link: Live Scan Locations


Step 7A: Parents/Guardians, please complete the Volunteer Application by selecting your school link below. If you do not see your school link, please contact your site Office Manager for assistance. 

Even if you have a volunteer application on file with the school, you will need to fill out a new application so you can be processed under the new screening requirements. The new policy is that volunteers will have to apply annually. You must be sponsored by a district employee. In the case of room parents, this will be the teacher for whom you are room parenting. For volunteers helping in the office, this will be one of the office staff. For sporting events, this will be one of the coaches and/or school designees.  


Step 7B: NON-PVPUSD Parent/Guardian/Former Employee Volunteer, please complete the application below.

Return the completed application to your school site along with a copy of all the required documentation listed under Steps 3-5. 





Frequently Asked Questions



How can an applicant check their Live Scan status with the Department of Justice?

Applicant Status Check | State of California - Department of Justice

You will need to have the ATI number found on the bottom of the form and your date of birth ready. The ATI number is the fingerprint transmission number, and it will appear in the following sequence: 1 Letter, 3 Numbers, 3 Letters and 3 Numbers.


Do you have additional questions about the volunteer process?

Email [email protected]


Do I need another Live Scan if I had one done with my employer (not PVPUSD) and/or another organization?

Yes.  Live Scans are organization specific, and results are not shared from one organization to another.


I conducted my own Live Scan, but I do not want to upload it or share it with the school site. What should I do?

In order for the district to receive Live Scan report updates, you will need to have a Live Scan done that is district specific. We will not be able to honor a live scan that was done on behalf of another agency. 


How can I be removed from the PVPUSD Department of Justice volunteer database?
When you no longer wish to volunteer or your child(ren) are no longer enrolled in our district, and you do not wish for us to receive reports from the Department of Justice on your behalf, please formally request to be removed by writing a letter to:
Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District
Attn: Human Resources/Live Scan Applicant
375 Via Almar 
Palos Verdes Estates, California 90275
I would like to volunteer, but I am unable to submit an application through Parent Square because my spouse/significant other already submitted an application. What do I do?
Please contact your site office manager for a new link to the application.