Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

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Update on Grading

At our recent Board meeting, the Board of Education adopted an emergency resolution to amend our current grading policy to guide the issuance of report card grades for students during the final grading term of the 2019-2020 school year.  Click here to read the Board resolution.


The intent of the policy is to recognize the challenges that our teachers and families have endured and allows for some flexibility and choice for students. We recognize that the school closure has impacted everyone differently. 


Grading for the end of school year is as follows:

Elementary Grading

Intermediate Grading

High School Grading

Teachers will continue to update the gradebooks in AERIES, as appropriate to give current progress but should a student's final grade go below their Tri 2/Q 3, grade, it will revert back to the higher grade issued that quarter/trimester upon submission of final grades.

High school students encouraged to seek assistance from trusted adults in making a decision to alternate grades if they plan on applying for scholarships or to out-of-state colleges/universities. High school students shall take full responsibility in reviewing the individual college admission policies for Pass (P) / Credit (Cr) for out-of-state schools and/or scholarships.  The grades of students who choose this option will be automatically changed based on the final letter grades submitted by teachers at the end of the school year.