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Bids, Offers and Proposals

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District currently has the following Request for Bids (RFB), Offers (RFO) and Proposals (RFP) available.
RFP #: MO-016-24-06-19
Transportation Services for Students Receiving Special Education Services
RFP #: MO-018-24-06-19
Software Based Classroom Management Solutions - CANCELLED
If you are inquiring about an advertisement in the Daily Breeze for the above referenced project, the advertisement was cancelled on Saturday, April 20, 2024, and should not have been published.
We are not moving forward with this project, at this time
RFP #: MO-017-24-06-04 
Distribution of Fresh Bread Products - CLOSED
RFP #: MO-015-24-04-24 
School-Based Mental Health Services - CLOSED
RFB #: MO-014-24-04-24 
District Wide Support Contract - CLOSED
RFP #: MO-013-24-04-24 
Consultant Services for the Seismic Assessment of High Vulnerability Buildings and Development of a District Seismic Ordinance and Policy - CLOSED
RFB #: MO-012-24-03-27 
2024 Re-Roofing and Repairs - CLOSED
RFB #: MO-011-24-03-27 
Asphalt Paving, Slurry Seal and Striping Services - CLOSED
RFP #: MO-010-24-02-28
Supplemental Transportation of Students for Athletic and Field Trip Events - CLOSED
RFO #: MO-009-23-12-13
Request for Offer for Artificial Turf and Installation - CLOSED
RFB #:  MO-008-23-12-13
Artificial Turf Fields at Palos Verdes Intermediate and Ridgecrest Intermediate - CLOSED
RFP #: MO-007-23-08-30
Transportation of Students for Athletic and Field Trip Events - CLOSED
Construction Information by City:
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