Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

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Request For Proposals

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District currently has the following Request For Proposals (RFP) available.
RFP # 23-02-22 
Infrastructure and Modernization Savings Program - CLOSED
RFP #23-03-22
Roofing Consultant Services - CLOSED
RFP: # MO-23-04-12
Districtwide Fire Alarm Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Testing - CLOSED
RFP: # MO-23-04-12-A
Furnishing and Installation of a Public Announcement System at Ridgecrest Intermediate - CLOSED
RFP: # MO-002-23-06-06   
Districtwide Tree Pruning and Removal Services - CLOSED
RFP: # MO-003-23-06-06 
Districtwide Elevator and Chairlift Maintenance & Inspection Services - CLOSED
RFP: # MO-004-23-06-06 
Asphalt Paving, Slurry Seal and Striping Services - CLOSED
RFP: # MO-005-23-06-06 
Re-Roofing and Repairs - CLOSED
RFP: # MO-006-23-06-21
Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement at Dapplegray Elementary - CLOSED
RFP: # MO-007-23-08-30
Transportation of Students for Athletic and Field Trip Events
Construction Information by City: