Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

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Professional Growth Programs

Classified Professional Growth Program

The professional growth program for classified employees offers a variety of avenues for self-improvement.  Activities include improvement in educational programs and studies, as well as professional organizations and associations.  Recognition of the effort and dedication required to complete the program and the resulting increased value to the school district will be reflected in an additional salary increment.


Certificated Professional Growth Program 

A certificated employee who wishes to apply college or university credit toward advancement on the salary schedule must obtain approval of the course from the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources prior to taking the courses.  The certificated employee is responsible for submitting the course approval form to the Human Resources Office.  The District will approve for salary advancement no more than six (6) semester units, or their equivalent, per semester during the regular school year, and no more than fifteen (15) semester units, or their equivalent, during the summer recess. 
Additionally, the following is required if courses are to be accepted for credit on the salary schedule: 1) All courses must be taken in accredited colleges or universities; 2) courses may not be duplicated for salary credit; 3) courses must be taken after the receipt of the bachelor's degree; 4) all courses must be passed with a "C" grade or higher; the unit member must indicate, in writing, how each course will improve professional competency and/or be of value to the District in the current or probable future assignment of the member, and 5) a course must have value to the District in the current or probably future educational assignment of the unit member.