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EL Information and Resources

english learnersEnglish Language Learner Needs
General Resources:
***FORMS link for ELPAC examiners - please complete
Parent Guide to Understanding the ELPAC - link to folder with several language versions available
ELPAC - English Language Proficiency Assessments for California
Initial ELPAC
    *Completing the Initial ELPAC Process - Quick Reference Guide
    * Listening Domain - Information Sheet
    * Speaking Domain - Information Sheet
    * Reading Domain - Information Sheet
    * Writing Domain - Information Sheet
Summative ELPAC
    * Transitioning from paper to computer-based Summative
    * Listening Domain - Information Sheet
    * Speaking Domain - Information Sheet
    * Reading Domain - Information Sheet
    * Writing Domain - Information Sheet
Suggested Examiner to Student Ratio by Grade Span
    * K-1:  one on one
    * Grade 2: 1-10 students per Test-Examiner
    * Grade 3-12: 1-15 students per Test-Examiner
ELPAC Resources:
DEI (Data Entry Interface) Video Tutorial
Starting Smarter - for parents and families to learn more about domains tested and see sample score reports for the ELPAC and/or the CAASPP
* Take an ELPAC Test with Your Student - flyer for parents 


Within Wonders:

*There are Unit Assessments available for ELD students at 3 levels within Wonders.
There are 3 unit tests for every unit...*, **, and *** with one being the easiest, and three being the hardest.
These tests include listening, reading, and writing. You can also choose a unit speaking test which has them look at four pictures and speak about what is happening (they can record their voice on this test). Taking these tests may be good practice for them leading up to the new Online Summative ELPAC that will start this spring. You might consider having your EL students take these instead of the regular Unit Assessment when you get around to week 6 of each unit.
To assign:
From the Online Assessment Center
Go to Assign from Test Library
Hover over My Tests and choose Wonders for ELs GR_
You will see the choices from there and can narrow by unit.
* Additional resources can be found by going to "Resource Library" and clicking on the "English Learners" tab. These resources include vocabulary cards, interactive games and activities, Oral Language Sentence Frames, Language Development Cards, Differentiated Texts, and Newcomer online visuals.
* There are also Designated EL Supports (found in the teal Designated EL Instruction bar off the main page for each day) for each week's story in addition to EL Practice pages for each week found in the resource library/student practice worksheets.
Smart Content Explorer - a user-friendly web tool that helps bridge the gap between the language of test developers and the language used by teachers in the classroom every day. It combines the information provided in the Smarter Balanced Content and Item Specifications—key resources used in test and item development—into an easy-to-use search interface. Users can access customized content generated by a quick search—by subject, grade, and target or standard—which includes the following:

·          Sample test items

·          Standard and target alignment

·          Depth of knowledge levels

·          Evidence statements

·          Guidance for selecting appropriate stimuli

·          Task models


Accessing Target Reports through CAASPP - a video instructional guide


Designated ELD - Start Smart Lessons for Elementary (from LAUSD)

LTEL Courses - Secondary Smart Start Lessons - Middle and High (from LAUSD)

Stanford School of Ed - ELA Teaching Resources

Stanford School of Ed - Supporting ELs in Mathematics

Article - Science and Language for English Language Learners in Relation to Next Generation Science Standards and with Implications for Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics

* The Shifts and ELLs - Implementing the Common Core with English Language Learners