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Public Records Act


As a public agency, the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District recognizes the right of citizens to have access to public records of the district. The district adheres to the California Public Records Act which requires that governmental records shall be disclosed to the public, upon request, unless there is a specific reason not to do so.   


Permissible exemptions from disclosure include documents that invade an individual’s right to privacy (e.g., privacy in certain personnel, medical or student records) or hinder the government’s need to perform its assigned functions in a reasonably efficient manner (e.g., maintaining confidentiality of investigative records, official information, records related to pending litigation, and preliminary notes or memoranda). 


PencilPRA requests can be sent to the attention of: 

Rick Licciardello, Ed.D. 

Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources  

[email protected] 

(310) 896-3413 

mag glass Identifying Records 

Requests must be for records in the District and must be clearly identifiable records (Gov. Code Sec. 6253.). In order to help identify the records, requesters should provide specific information about the records they seek, being as specific as possible in describing the record, the applicable dates, and the office/school that created and maintains the records. 

Requestors will be notified within ten days of request receipt whether the request seeks copies of disclosable public records in the possession of the District. If the request is for voluminous records, the requestor will be notified at that time of any additional length of time it may take to process the request. 


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* Please see Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1340 Access to Public Records for more information. 


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(updated  5/16/2024)