Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

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Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District proudly provides a continuum of academic instruction and related services for all elementary, intermediate, and high school students in accordance with their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In addition to the various supports provided on our comprehensive campuses we also have the following programs:

Pre-School Special Education Program (Sunrise): 
Early intervention provided through structured educational opportunities is available for preschoolers identified with special needs. Sunrise is focused on early intervention and exposure to peers of the same age. The goal of Sunrise is to work with students to build independent learning skills for their transition into elementary school. Sunrise promotes a successful educational future for the youngest students at our school district.

Elementary - High School Programs

Throughout the district, students will find support in a comprehensive and inclusive learning environment. All the elementary schools provide eligible students services through a learning center model that conducts both push in and pull-out services throughout the school day. Based on a student's unique needs, IEPs are developed to support our learners in the least restrictive environment. Students who require a higher level of intensive supports are invited to attend the special day class located at either Rancho Vista Elementary School or Pt. Vicente Elementary School. The goal of the special day class is to balance intensive instruction with access to peers in both a smaller class setting and a general education classroom. Our teachers and staff work use research-based interventions and curriculum so that students can continue to make progress and meet their individual goals.

Intermediate school includes collaboration classes ( English Language Arts and Math) with support from special education teachers and staff. Students have the opportunity to select electives and support class periods to focus on their goals. Delivery of individual services can be designed within the middle school schedule. Our intensive special day classes are located at Miraleste Intermediate School and Palos Verdes Intermediate School.

High schools provide eligible students support through both collaborative and co-taught classes. Students have a variety of courses and level of support available to them through their IEP. Special Day classes continue at the high school level as well.

Transition Programs (Life Skills and Transition to Independence):
Students earning a certificate of completion are eligible to receive additional support from age 18 –22. This support includes instruction specifically designed to assist students with functional academics, social skills, independent and daily living skills, and job readiness/retention skills as well as a focus on recreation/ leisure and vocational exploration. Our Transition to Independence Program is located at the PV Mall. Our life skills transition program is located at the high school.