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Independent Study P.E.

Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) is an optional alternative instruction strategy for intermediate and high school students who are elite athletes competing in highly competitive sports.  Students work independently adhering to a written agreement under the general supervision of a credentialed physical education
teacher and in accordance to the District’s Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 6158.
The out-of-school activity being proposed for ISPE must:
  1. Be instructed under the direct supervision of a credentialed or otherwise qualified coach who is at least twenty-one years of age;
  2. Consist of instruction that includes a minimum of ten hours a week, Monday-Friday, in the student’s competitive sport;
  3. Incorporate research and learning in the District health standards;
  4. Incorporate the P.E. Model Content Standards mandated by the state and District;
  5. Include a student journal (Time Activity Log) documenting progress in the content standards as explained by the general supervising P.E. teacher.
Please read the requirements carefully and use the Check List (attached below) to verify that you have all necessary documents completed prior to beginning your application. The following items will need to be uploaded and must be submitted to be considered for the ISPE program.
  1. Month-by-month calendar printout indicating weekly practice schedule and goal setting in preparation for competitions for the quarter/term.
  2. The “Statement of Out of School Coach” Form (linked below)
  3. Coach/instructor’s First Aid Certification
  4. Coach/instructor’s CPR Certification
  5. Coach/instructor’s Proof of Age (must be over 21 years old)
  6. Coach/instructor’s qualifications/credentials
  7. “Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement” Form (linked below)
  8. Evidence of Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  9. Evidence of Additional Insured listing “Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District”
ISPE Applications for the 24-25 school year (Intermediate) and first quarter 2024-25 (High School) are due August 7th, 2024.
High school students may complete the application for multiple quarters at one time.  Click the applicable quarter(s) in the application.  If ISPE will not start until 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter, you may apply at that time.  Applications will be due 2 weeks prior to the start of each of those quarters.
ISPE at the Intermediate School level is a full-year program only.  Applications for ISPE in Intermediate School for the 2024-25 school year will not be accepted after August 7th, 2024.
Questions about completing the application?  Watch this Instruction Video.
Questions about program requirements or coach qualifications/required documentation? Contact Educational Services.
Questions about insurance requirements or documentation? Contact Business Services.