Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

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Request for Placement

Math Acceleration and Site Recommendation
Accelerated Advancement within the course sequence is determined by meeting any two of three criteria for students in grades 5-8. The site recommendations will be completed for each students in the spring prior to registration or placement for the following school year. Students who do not meet the criteria for acceleration in Grades 5-8 may complete a Request for Placement form with the school counselor.
There is no acceleration for Grade 4 students who do not meet all criteria, as readiness has not been established to skip an additional grade level of mathematics.
Transition Year Site Recommendation Report Card Grades for Tri 1 & 2 Average Assessment(s) Score
Grade 4 PVCM 6 Accl
Yes 4 85%
Grade 5 PVCM 6 Accl
Yes 4 85%
PVCM 6 PVCM 7/8 Accl
Yes A 90% +
PVCM 6 Accl PVCM 7/8 Accl
Yes A and/or B 85% +
PVCM 7 Algebra 1*
Yes A and/or B+ 90% +
PVCM 7/8 Algebra 1 Honors
Yes A and/or B 85% +
PVCM 8 Algebra 1 Honors
Yes A 90% +
* Students who accelerate from PVCM 7 to Algebra 1 are recommended to complete additional work over the summer through independent study or summer school options to be prepared for success the following school year. Information will be sent to eligible students from the school site each year.