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Required Documents

Required Documents 

Updated: January 13, 2022
Visit the Enrollment Center homepage for the most up-to-date information regarding Enrollment Center procedures.


The following documents are required to enroll in the PVPUSD:

  • Printed Confirmation of Online Enrollment
  • Student's Age Validation: Original Birth Certificate or Valid Passport
  • Student's Current Immunization Records: in any format including online (please click here for more information)
  • Parent/Guardian Driver's Licenseor photo ID
  • Student's Recent Report Card or Transcript
  • IEP or 504 Planif applicable
  • Residency Verification (more information below): (please click here for a more detailed list of document options) 



  • ALL RESIDENCY VERIFICATION DOCUMENTS MUST BE ORIGINALS (Received via US Mail). Electronically generated documents (.PDFs,.JPGs,.PNGs, etc. printed off a web browser or from an email address) will NOT be accepted as an official document. For families that receive virtual billing, please refer to the e-statement section below.  If the household is renting or is residing with a landlord who pays the utilities, please review other acceptable proofs of residency here. 
  • Utility Services must list SERVICE ADDRESS and PARENT NAME as the primary account holder.
  • Utility document must be CURRENT (Dated within 60 days of your Enrollment Center visit.
Does your household pay bills online only or receive e-Statements? 
If you receive eBills, you may choose from the options below (Option 1 is preferred, as it offers a faster and more efficient enrollment process). 
Option 1 (Preferred): Contact your service providers (see list below) requesting the following must be mailed to your home (not emailed).  This process will take 5-7 business days.  Please bring TWO of the following optional documents in sealed envelope:  
    • Athens Trash Service: Request a hard copy of your bill to be mailed to you @ [email protected] account number, name and address in the email)
    • California Water Service: Request a hard copy of your bill or service verification @ 310-257-1400 (Bring all pages of the bill)
    • SoCal Gas: Request Letter of Service Verification @ 1-877-238-0092
    • Southern California Edison: Request Letter of Residency @ 1-800-655-4555 
Option 2: Make an appointment at the Enrollment Center Office.  Be sure to know your username and password for at least two of your utility service providers.  Staff will verify the authenticity of the service provider.  You will need to login to your service provider account from the PVPUSD kiosk (NOT your personal device/phone) and to print your bill from a secure browser at the Enrollment Center.  Please note that this option can potentially lengthen your enrollment process if you are chasing down username and password reset emails.  It is imperative you know your account username and password prior to your appointment.  This option is currently ONLY offered at the DISTRICT Enrollment Center office at this time.  If you are enrolling a high school student through the high school office, ONLY option 1 is applicable.   

What are acceptable documents for address verification?

Address Verification: Standard Documents

Provide TWO utility statements from any two of the following companies (cannot be two different statements from the same company):

  • Southern California Edison
  • Southern California Gas Company
  • Cox Communications
  • California Water Service (Page 1 and 2)
  • Edco Disposal
  • Athens Services
  • Homeowner's Association Statement or Invoice
What if I only have one utility service in my name?
Address Verification: Additional Alternative Documents
IN ADDITION to the ONE utility statement provided from the list above, TWO Additional Documents from the List Below are required, for a total of THREE.
  • DMV printout of Car Registration (May be obtained at the Auto Club)
  • Homeowner / Renter Insurance
  • Car Insurance Invoice/Statement/Proof of Insurance
  • Bank Statement (checking or savings - not checks)
  • Correspondence from a government agency
  • Moving Company Receipt listing Parent Name and delivery at New Home Address
  • Delivery Receipt (e.g., Furniture or Appliance Delivery)
  • Pay Stub
  • Property Tax Bill
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Close of Escrow Statement
  • Rental/Lease Agreement with parent(s)/guardian(s) and student(s) listed
  • Letter on PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY LETTERHEAD ONLY and Wet Signature stating which utilities are included in the rent
  • U. S. Postal Service Official Change of Address Confirmation Letter
What if all utilities at my residence are handled through my landlord?
If the parent/guardian and students rent a space/live in a home with someone who resides within the PVPUSD boundaries, both the Primary Owner/Leaseholder of the Residence (Landlord) AND the Parent/Guardian (Tenant) must provide Residency Verification AND be present during enrollment to sign documents.
  • Landlord will provide: TWO Original Utility Bills from the “Standard Documents” above
  • Tenant/Parent will provide: THREE Documents from the “Additional Alternative Documents” above
What if we are not a resident of PVPUSD.  Do I still need to provide residency documents?
Yes, all students attending PVPUSD must provide residency documents.  Your approved interdistrict transfer release from your school district of residence may qualify as an “Additional Approved Document”, if needed.